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Squid Games - 456 Survival is a mobile arcade game developed by ABI Global LTD. As the name suggests, this free app allows you to experience the death match game featured in the popular Netflix drama. Here, you can virtually play as one of the participants.

Like the series it took inspiration from, your goal in Squid Games - 456 Survival is to survive the game. You can do so by completing the challenges without getting shot or your time running out. This is easy since, most of the time, as you only need to tap on the screen.

What is Squid Games - 456 Survival?

The South Korean drama, Squid Game, has gained worldwide popularity since its release on the streaming platform Netflix. The show is so popular that tons of games are made for it. Whether mobile or PC game, you have a plethora of options that you can download. Among the growing list is Squid Games - 456 Survival. Like similar titles, it lets you play the children's games featured in the series.

In this app, you can participate in a series of quick survival challenges patterned from the games in the drama. Included in the list are Red Light, Green Light, Cookie Cutter, Octopus Games, Runner Puzzle, and Tug-of-War. Playing each round is easy as it only entails tapping the screen in the manner that the instruction provided. Although, there are some stages with a time limit that ends too abruptly.

Before you start the game, players have the option to choose their avatar. You can further customize it through the in-game shop. Meanwhile, you can earn money by completing the challenges. However, as it is a free game, expect tons of ads. In fact, every click you make will play a video ad. Thankfully, the game is playable offline, which also stops the ads.

Is the game good?

Overall, Squid Games - 456 Survival is your typical casual game derived from Squid Game. The app offers the same mini-games that other similar titles offer. Even the mechanics are the same. Not only that, but the gameplay tends to be repetitive once you reach the higher levels. Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable if you are looking for a game to pass the time. 


  • Includes games from Squid Game
  • Easy mechanics
  • Multiple stages
  • Character customization


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • The challenges are too easy
  • Incessant video ads

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